T-Sem Pneumatic

Combining the well-known simplicity and versatility of the T-SEM system, with the latest in cutting-edge seed distribution technology. The T-SEM Pneumatic offers all the benefits of owning a seed drill with direct drilling capability, coupled with the user friendliness of a pneumatic seeding system.



We have chosen the latest in seed metering and distribution technology from Sulky for the T-SEM Pneumatic. A large, big bag friendly hopper, electronic monitoring with tramline control and the ability to simply and quickly open or close individual rows, makes this a truly winning combination.



Pilot electronic metering adds a further level of control and ease of operation. On-the-move seed rate adjustment and fast calibration are just two of the features of this user-friendly system.


The inverted T-slot system starts with a row of straight discs that open the slot in advance of 3 rows of spring-tine mounted coulters. These prepare a trash-free inverted T-slot, the perfect seedbed for both germination and establishment. For use on ploughed or cultivated ground the discs can be replaced with a ‘Pneuflex’ roller to firm the land ahead of the coulters.


At the rear of the drill is a ‘Springflex’ roller which passes between the rows, followed by a chain or z-tine harrow which crumbles and levels without over-firming the slot itself.


You can sow any seed into any surface – clovers, grasses, brassicas, cereals, pulses, maize and all mixtures into grassland, stubbles, ploughed and cultivated land or direct into standing cover crops.


Drill widths range from 3m up to 6m folding frame for a range of users.