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T-Sem Mechanical

European drill built with the varied demands of the modern farmer in mind. You can sow any seed into any surface – clovers, grasses, brassicas, cereals, pulses, maize and all mixtures into grassland, stubbles, ploughed and/or cultivated land and direct into standing cover crops.

T-Sem Pneumatic

Combining the well known simplicity and versatility of the T-SEM system, with the latest in cutting-edge seed distribution technology. The T-SEM Pneumatic offers all the benefits of owning a seed drill with direct drilling capability, coupled with the user friendliness of a pneumatic seeding system.

T-Sem Grass

The best solution for seeding for livestock, mixed and small arable farms.

The simplest and most versatile drill on the market at an affordable price.

Why Simtech UK

Simtech machinery is simplistic in design, rugged and reliable. This enables easy set up into a variety of soils and surfaces. Moving parts are limited to reduce maintenance costs, depth control is simple but effective. Horsepower requirements are kept to a minimum allowing smaller tractors to perform drilling operations and save establishment costs.

The concept was born out of George Simon’s discovery of Aitchison drills from New Zealand, soon  realising they weren’t well suited to the European conditions. The task of re-designing and improving the concept began and what resulted was a range of options for seeding a variety of seeds from small scale grassland to large arable farmland.

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